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Produced Armored Construction Machines for Defense Industry

Founded in 1985 and being a pioneer and leader company, Katmerciler is the new power of the Turkish defense industry with over 30 years of experience in innovative vehicle equipment sector of Turkey. The company, which is also oriented to the defense sector with the accumulation and experience of many years in the vehicle top equipment sector, is still operating in two lanes. The company, which has the widest product range in the sector with the production of nearly 30 different vehicle-top equipment with a quality certificate, carries out turn-key production under a single roof. The product range includes Fire Trucks, Environmental Vehicles, Transport Vehicles, Defense Industry Tools, Construction Industry Tools and Special Products design and production. Among these products are fire trucks, garbage trucks, vacuum trucks, demolition vehicles, tankers, rescue vehicles, dampers to mobile maintenance vehicles and vehicles with different functions which are safer, clean, in high human standards that is indispensable for an easy life. Katmerciler has taken the first step towards the defense industry with its production capability based on advanced technology, through vehicles of intervention to social incidents (Water Cannon Vehicle) and started to produce TOMA (Water Cannon Vehicle) since 2010There are many TOMA's (Water Cannon Vehicles) produced by Katmerciler which are currently in use of the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Security. Believing that a strong defense of the country cannot be mentioned without a strong domestic defense company, the company has begun to make room for the Turkish defense industry after the production of TOMA (Water Cannon Vehicle) Katmerciler, who received the Facility Security Certificate from the Ministry of National Defense, primarily aims to be in this track with armored wheeled vehicles. It is the new and dynamic power and solution partner of the defense sector with 4x4, ballistic fortified, mine protected, wheeled armored vehicles in NATO standards which are designed and developed in its own R&D Center, which is one of the important requirements of Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces.

6x6, 8x8 Armored Systems
Katmerciler's product range for the defense sector also includes armored ADR fuel tank, protection shield, armored damper, remote controlled armored tracked excavator, armored lowbed trailer, armored water tanker, armored backhoe loader, armored bus and also 4x4 armored ambulances. The company aims to strengthen its position in the sector with the products it will develop in a wide segment extending to 6x6, 8x8 armored systems in the long term. Project and R&D Departments provide significant competitive advantage in both vehicle-based and defense-driven innovative initiatives.

The Company has a strong R&D Center with the "R&D Production Center" certificate received from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry. All the design and development activities for the defense sector are also carried out in this center.

Katmerciler is a superstructure supplier and solution partner of truck manufacturer world 

Year of Est.1985
SectorAutomative, Defense, Machine
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.katmerciler.com.tr
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