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Produces Radiopharmaceutical for Nuclear Medicine

After his relatives got cancer, Lawyer Uğur Poyraz and Industrial Engineer Erhan Görgel started their research in the nuclear medicine sector and founded a company called Kamrusepa-Samyoung Nuclear Product Med. Ind. Trade Inc.- Radioisotope Production Plant which was primarily established to operate in this field. The company produces radiopharmaceuticals used in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by nuclear medicine methods. Especially in cancer patients, it is the radioactive materials which are the most detailed and reliable data in the evaluation of the stage of the disease and its metastases and it is produced in devices called cyclotron. It is a Turkish-Korean partnership established to produce radiopharmaceuticals and to carry out R&D studies in this field. It is the only company in the region which has production in international standards in terms of quality and technology level. Kamrusepa-Samyoung is an international partnership established with the highest quality service to meet the needs of the users in the safest and fastest way and to carry the standards of our country to the international level. In order to complete the product portfolio in the field of radiopharmaceuticals, cooperation with the domestic industry continues.


Company NameKamrusepa
Year of Est.2010
SectorBiotechnology, Health
Yerlilik Oranı %50
Web Sitesihttp://www.kamrusepa.com
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