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Developing Biometric Authentication Products

Ones Technology, which started its operations in 2008, provides biometric and information security solutions for both public and private sector needs in Turkey and abroad. The process we implement in accordance with this purpose starts with the identification of problems related to sectoral requirements, continues with the research and production of related technologies and ends with the production of complete solutions for the purpose. Ones Technology, which has started to offer security and IT solutions based primarily on biometric technologies, launched the “Palm Intrusion Biometric Authentication System” in cooperation with its partner Fujitsu Technology Solutions in 2011 in order to prevent losses and leaks that were determined to exist in SSI. This system was adopted in December 2013 after primary and secondary tests and it has become mandatory to use by all private health institutions affiliated with SSI. Client software and hardware, server software, data center design of the system were carried out over a period of 2 years. The system is currently used by more than 90% of private hospitals.


Year of Est.2009
SectorBiotechnology, Software
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Web Sitesihttp://www.ones.com.tr
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