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Microchip Designs for Space Projects

Frequently voiced in Turkey, one of the most beautiful examples of 'light in burden heavy in price' production model came from the Anka Microelectronics Systems (ANKASYS) company operating in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), ARI Technocity. The company, which performs on behalf of clients has found its place with its microchip designs in Turkey and also in the world market.

The Victory of Two Entrepreneurs
Founded in 2013 by Erdem and Gökhan Işık, ANKASYS has gained expertise in integrated circuit design and verification which is a lacking area in Turkey. Stating that they also provide design and verification services for defense industry companies in our country, Gökhan Işık said: "We have been exporting in this field for 3.5 years. We have made designs for companies in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Ireland. We have taken and still continue to take various tasks in many projects of these companies. Through these projects, we are moving forward step by step towards being a company which can compete in global markets and increase our technical experience." 

Big Projects Create Motivation
Stating that the major projects which Turkey aims to adopt in the last years is a source of motivation for SMEs, Işık said: "The projects that are carried out in the defense, aerospace and aeronautical sectors are very useful for many reasons as they lead to the formation of ecosystem, provide the cash flow needed by SMEs during the establishment phase, contribute to achieving high standards of design and production capability which should be provided in such projects and to train new engineers and increase their experiences."

Designs Basic Functional Components of Devices
One of the topics that raise the most curiosity is what kind of work process microchip designing involves. About this, Işık said: "The process of the design of microchips, which is called the brain of the device by the public opinion and classified with different names according to their functions by us, is quite complex. Using a wide variety of software and passing through many stages, a proper working microchip is achieved. Microchips are the most basic elements of electronic devices. For example, in a mobile phone, dozens of microchips (application processor, graphics processor, wlan, bluetooth, nfc, gps, fm, humidity and temperature sensors, accelerometer, various interface chips, etc.) are used, and each of them is designed to have one or more functions. For example, a wlan chip allows the mobile phone to connect to the wireless network and send and receive data. Essentially, the functions of these microchips can also be made with discrete circuit elements, but it is essential to use microchips when the circuit is smaller, less power-consuming and cost-effective. From this point of view, our business can be summarized as the development of physical micro-circuit blocks that will really do the work that the top-level operating system and applications want to do."

Specialized in 4 Subjects
As of now, the company has reached a team of 14 people and has activities in 4 main areas. Gökhan Işık summarizes these works with the following words: Our first field of activity is education. ANKASYS offers training packages in microchip / FPGA design and verification and software fields. The main purpose of ANKASYS in providing education services is to increase the number of people trained in microchip design in our country. Our second field of activity is 'Subcontracting / Engineering Services'. We provide engineering services for our customers in both their offices, as well as remotely. Until today, we have provided services for many companies in both Turkey and abroad (like Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Belgium, USA), and made more than 30 microchip designs. In this way, we have contributed to our country's exports in our own scale."

Gave Weight to R&D
Stating that Research and Development (R&D) is the third field of activity, Işık continued his words: "We carry out research and development activities with ITU and within our own structure. Nowadays, we intensified our work on RISCV ISA which will become more popular in the coming years. Finally, we can talk about the development of IP/VIP (software/hardware intellectual property/hardware intellectual property). As ANKASYS, we are able to perform original embedded software and hardware development activities in order to meet the needs of our customers."

Set New Goals
Stating that the company's goals include strengthening in the global arena, Işık continues: “Nowadays, integration, which is the realization of many system components on a single microchip, is the indispensable for the cost of the system in electronic circuits, the need for power and the degradation of the volume the circuit covers. At this point, our aim is to assist all commercial companies, research and development centers, space & aerospace and defense industry companies with microchip and FPGA design activities with our fund of knowledge. However, we are also aiming to increase the volume of our engineering services that we have already given to the companies that are experts in the semiconductor design and production fields."

Company NameAnkasys
Year of Est.2013
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Web Sitesihttp://www.ankasys.com
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