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Makes Cancer Diagnosis From Mobile by Digital Pathology

Turkey's technology-oriented companies have made important discoveries for cancer called the plague of the era. Virasoft, one of these companies and focusing on the field of digital pathology, developed software that facilitates the diagnosis of diseases. With ViraPath, a digital pathology product that can diagnose cancer with high sensitivity and accuracy, and with TelePath, a telepathology product that provides physicians with a second opinion at any time, it is now possible to make more rapid and accurate diagnoses. The company aims to turn into a global platform in the field of digital pathology and builds its infrastructure accordingly. The data carried to the digital area can be shared by the internet and can be seen simultaneously with the image system and by expert pathologists in any health institution in the world. This allows an immediate and accurate diagnosis of the disease. It rescues physicians and patients from physical necessity. Virasoft Marketing Manager Özgür Teke, gave information about new technologies and future targets by saying: “We are a software company established with the support of TÜBİTAK in 2015. Then we got KOSGEB support. Then we won the finals among thousands of enterprises at the ITU Çekirdek's enterprise contest called Big Bang. With these supports we have come to this today and we have digital pathology products that can be used for diagnostic purposes in all areas of medicine today.” 

Will Open an Office in Europe
Teke summarizes the fields of activity of their company with the following words: “Digital pathology is available in many areas, we are on the cancer side of the business. It is a very important issue for timely realization of the treatment and correct diagnosis. Our systems offer a digital infrastructure for these two areas. As of today we are the only company that has succeeded in Turkey. Towards the end of 2019, we are planning to open an office in Europe.” 
Prepares the Sector For the Future
Teke makes the following statement about the company's main purpose: “We are an indigenous software company that provides capable diagnostic support, quantitative image analysis, case management applications, pathology education software and telepathology services in the field of digital pathology. In addition to the enormous accumulation of knowledge every day, in the pathology where it is important to get a "second expert opinion" at the time of diagnosis, our physicians and scientists are referring to the professional products we have developed to get a "second expert opinion" among themselves. We, have adopted the "Health First" motto as a principle, and as a Turkish company, we aim to lead in innovation not just globally, but also in Turkey. 

Company NameVirasoft
Year of Est.2015
SectorHealth, Software
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.virasoft.com.tr
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