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Turkey Was the First Native Produce Boring Machine

Produced by the labor and fund of knowledge of Turkish engineers, technicians and workers, the first domestic TBM tunneling machine that will bring the importance of Turkish industry to the top in the world disembarked to the field, and will make Turkey proud. 

Our company which gives importance to R&D studies, continues its production by combining the advantage of the heat treatment plant, which has been built accordingly to the geological conditions (clay, alluvial, granite, dolomite, basalt, limestone, etc.) of the ground where tunneling work will be done, with the experience gained in the sector for years. In order to improve the mechanical properties of the spare parts of the TBM that is in the process of production, endurance, impact strength and technical feature improvement works are carried out in its own heat treatment facilities. Nowadays, E-Berk is the first company that has started to export in 24 different countries on 4 different continents which was first initiated in 2007 and it is seen as a solution partner by its customers.

From Now On, We Are Going To Dig Our Own Tunnel
Our tunnel opening machine which is 3.25 meters wide, 92 meters long and weighs 175 tons will be used in a deep discharge tunnel and treatment project in Tekirdağ, Ergene. 


Company NameE-BERK
Year of Est.1993
SectorMachine, Technology
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.e-berk.com
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