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Produced Artificial Intelligence That Carries Zombie Machines to Industry 4.0

Thanks to technology developed by Tezmaksan today, it is possible for nearly 60 thousand old machines in Turkey without internet to be strengthened with artificial intelligence. Tezmaksan has developed a completely domestic software called "Kapasitematik (Capacitymatic)" which is developed by Turkish engineers and has become a breakthrough in the sectorBusiness owners can monitor their machines from any environment with internet with Kapasitematik (Capacitymatic) " Information such as; "Does the machine work efficiently? When did it fail?  and whether the operator is using the correct program" will be instantly controllable from the tablet or mobile phone. In this way, businesses save considerable time and cost. With this system, companies' costs increase by 20 percent on average, while production capacity increases by around 15 percent.

Actualized with Turkish Software
One of the successful examples in this field came from Sivas. The machine builder Tezmaksan and ESTAŞ from the automotive supply sector took the first concrete step in the industry 4.0 revolution. With a software developed by Turkish engineers, machines that make industrial products began to communicate with each other wirelessly. Tezmaksan was able to integrate two Supertech G25P-50 grinding machines in ESTAŞ with one Fanuc Robot. In ESTAŞ, a solid step was taken in the unmanned production model. Tezmaksan Machinery General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu said: "For the first time in Turkey, we have communicated machines with each other virtually with our Turkish engineers. We did this with our own software. Under normal conditions, this communication was done with cables. We were able to do this with Wi-Fi. We reduced costs seriously by communicating machines.”


Company NameTezmaksan
Year of Est.1981
Yerlilik Oranı %73
Web Sitesihttp://www.tezmaksan.com.tr
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