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Press Machines Manufacturer

The foundations of the Kocayusuf Makine that is a family-run business have been laid by Yusuf Ziya Güleray in 1961. While manufacturing clamp and reclining circular machine for carpenters in the beginning, with starting to manufacture press machines later, the marathon that will take years has commenced. Second generation family members have taken the lead by adding the experience that they gained from their father to their technical educations. The steps that have been taken towards institutionalization provide confidence about the future of the company.

Kocayusuf is the leading manufacturer in the sector with its production and sales capacity. Our production continues in the facility with 10.000 m2 indoor area in İstanbul - Dudullu organized industrial zone with our expert staff and technological equipment. Kocayusuf contains high technology full-automatic membrane presses, press lines, melamine (short-sycle) press lines and presses with different dimensions and pressures for plastic, polyurethane, ceramic and metal industries in its product range, as well as standard wood paving presses. Kocayusuf has managed to create a unique brand with its reliable, innovative and competitive structure. Priority target of the Kocayusuf Makine of which machines are operational in more than 50 countries is to keep the customer satisfaction at its highest level.

Company NameKocayusuf Makina
Year of Est.1961
Yerlilik Oranı %
Web Sitesihttp://www.kocayusufmakine.com/
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