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UV Drying Systems

UV-TEK is an engineering company that reflects its innovative philosophy from designing to production, sales&marketing of every product and develops them with a creative consideration. Our fundamental principal is to understand the need and hardness of customers on every operation to provide “absolute customer satisfaction”. UV-TEK uses its experience over than 20 years to develop alternative solutions on UV Technology and provides much outclass. Our company is a complete resolver about UV curing technology. We service in a wide range to the customers of UV machine, UV ink, UV varnish and UV lamps as both a manufacturer and representative. UV-TEK is in service of UV application on Printing&Packaging industry, Wood Painting, Marble Surface Treatment systems and other many industries. Involving to many different industries, is providing us to advance technical knowledge and culture importantly. Carrying an experience of an industry to another one is a big asset of one of our company. Therefore, the key of our success of absolute customer satisfaction is that we find fast solutions to all request and need of customers from different industries.


Company NameUV Teknoloji Kimya
Year of Est.1954
Yerlilik Oranı %
Web Sitesihttp://www.uvtek.com.tr
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