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Developed a Device That Translates Doctor's Voice into Text

Sestek, puts aside keyboards with the new technology it developed. The software which simultaneously translates the words said to the computer through microphone got the most attention from doctors and lawyers. These sounds are also expressed by artificial intelligence. The technology company Sestek produced a software that would put keyboards aside. The company succeeded in converting what was said to the computer through the microphone simultaneously, and launched a new era in technology. Doctor and lawyers showed the most attention to the software that brought the words to the screen in less than a second.

Thanks to the specially developed software for occupational groups, it became possible to easily translate all kinds of technical data. Sestek achieved the highest score in eight out of 10 categories with its "Speech Analysis" product, according to the customer satisfaction survey conducted in "2018-2019 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report" published by the world's leading research and consulting company DMG Consulting. DMG Consulting, the world's leading independent research and consulting company in the field of call centers, has released the 2018-2019 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report (2018-19), where it evaluates players, trends and products in the speech analysis market. This year's 13th report included the results of customer satisfaction surveys conducted in 10 main categories related to the products of companies that offer 'speech analysis' technology. In the field of sound technologies from born from Turkey, Sestek has become one of the world's leading companies according to customer satisfaction survey results in 8 categories out of 10 and achieved the first place, leaving behind their opponents by being able to receive full points in 7 categories.

Company NameSestek
Year of Est.2000
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.sestek.com.tr
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