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Produced Indigenous Smart Clock

Smart watches called Watch X which are produced by two technicians were highly demanded from 45 countries, especially from Japan and America in Technopark Gaziantep. Mustafa Tülü and Enes Çaldır set up a company called "Argex" in order to leave their work and to carry out R&D activities. Engineers continuing their activities in Gaziantep Technopark, implemented the smart watch project in 3 months and began to export all over the world. The product called Watch X is used as a clock, also, the advanced program allows the person to design the clock as he wants.

WatchX is a programmable smart watch. The smart watch attracted the attention with Arduino and Scratch support, and was developed by four engineer friends; Mustafa Tülü, Enes Caldir, Ömer Özlü and Gökhan Selamet in Gaziantep Technopark. WatchX is basically a development card in the form of a clock. WatchX, which does not have a case of any sort, is used with a watch cord mounted on an electronic card. Providing important opportunities for programming, WatchX is a very successful alternative for children and young people to learn programming thanks to its Arduino and Scratch supports.

Limited with Your Imagination
Lets also add that WatchX is a virtually programmable smart watch. If you wish, you can use WatchX as a smart watch with various capabilities, control the lighting of any room via Bluetooth or use it as a fridge clock, which counts how many times you open your refrigerator door.

In short, things can be done with WatchX is completely up to the imagination of the user. WatchX, which can also be used by non-programming users, is particularly useful for children to learn programming in an easy way. All the sensors and battery that users will need during the development process are located on the WatchX.

Company NamewatchX
Year of Est.2017
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesiwww.watchx.io
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