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Produced Battery Powered Smart Jacket

The system which activates six heating pads in the products through the battery that weighs 224 grams, warms up within 10 minutes after the user presses the button placed on the product.

Heated products which protect the heat for a full 3.5 hours, receive high demand from the areas that experience a cold winter. Cengiz Kılıç, a 37 year-old man who lives in İzmir, quit studying the Industrial Design Department of Izmir University of Economics and went abroad. The fact that Kılıç is a person who is always cold, pushed him to produce heated coats. Kılıç, who designed and patented the products, started to produce vests and jackets as well as coats. According to the requests of the user, the products designed by Kılıç, which already has an offer for dealership from 11 countries, can reach up to 40, 45 and 55 degrees. A battery is attached to the cable located in the pocket of the coat and six heating pads are activated by the battery. When the button on the coat is pressed, the product reaches the desired temperature within 10 minutes.

Supported by Scientific And Technological Research Council Of Turkey (Tübitak)
Our journey in order to develop the smart textiles, the R&D works which we started in 2012 and to convert them into products that can be used in different applications where heating is needed, is continuing within the scope of İltema Company which we established with the support of TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1512 in May 2016. Iltema aims to be a center where different disciplines are brought together by using local resources; research and development of new generation high-tech materials are realized and turned into products reaching end users. As İltema, we have 2 patents, 2 awards and numerous exhibitions on the heat-emitting intelligent textiles and applications. Some of these products are in the prototype phase and some of them are commercial products and in marketing phase.

Company Nameİltema
Year of Est.2016
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.iltema.net
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