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First National ”Electro-Optical Radar" Was Developed

Canovate has become one of the world's top 10 global brands with its data center and technology in fiber optic systems and its end-to-end product portfolio. Canovate Group, a 100 percent Turkish company with a 50-year history, continues to develop high-tech products by making many R&D projects in the fields of information technology, telecom, defense industry, ballistic systems, electro-optical systems, heating/cooling, with a group of over 100 engineers focused on high technology production (within the scale of the entire group) and more than 1000 employees in İstanbul Çekmeköy on an area of 30 thousand square meters, has a wide range of data center and fiber optic technologies and exports its product range to 71 countries in 4 continents. Stating that they are one of Turkey's and the world's leading R&D and innovation-driven global companies, Canovate Group Chairman Can Gür said: "Over the past 20 years, we have invested more than 20 million dollars in R&D. We will continue to devote resources to R&D every year from 1 to 1.5 million dollars.”

Exported to 71 Countries in 4 Continents, Achieved 48% Growth in Turnover
With regard to Canovate Group, stating that 2017 was the development year in the global markets, Can Gür said: “This year, we continue to sign important projects worldwide in terms of data center and fiber optics. Among these projects, we can talk about tens of projects such as Vodafone Group's 10 million Euro's worth FTTH in Greece (fiber up to houses) and the huge data center of the Ministry of Hajj in Mecca. In 2017, As Canovate, we exported 66% of our production capacity to 71 countries on 4 continents and achieved a 48% growth in turnover. We export data centers to many countries such as Austria, Denmark, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Philippines, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Sudan. Again, we are exporting FTTH (fiber up to houses) to many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Morocco, Algeria, Netherlands, Germany, France, Chile, and Guantanamo. In 2018, we are planning to carry out a serious promotion and marketing activity especially in the American market, in addition to our existing markets in the world. As Canovate Group, in information and communication issues, we are proud to represent Turkey in the best way on 4 continents.” 

Turkey's First National "Canovate Electro-Optical Radar" Was Developed
By Canovate, Turkey's first national "Canovate electro-optical radar" was developed. “Canovate electro-optic radar”, with a 360-degree view in all weather conditions, is ready to be used in a wide range of areas such as airports, border security, pipelines, shore safety, forest fire protection.  Can Gürbüz stated that they developed Canovate electro-optical radar with Turkish engineers for about 1 year and continued: “We have developed the first national electro-optical radar in our country. According to conventional radars, it has superior features such as identifying risks or targets that are at risk, identifying and matching their characteristics.” 

With Can@Wall, Organizing Cyber Attacks to Networks Will Be History
With Can@Wall Cyber Security Defense System, organizing cyber-attacks on electricity, water, natural gas and pipelines networks will be history. Thanks to Can@Wall, breaking encrypted control messages created to protect critical networks can take millions of years, even on a smart computer. Thus, this kind of cyber-attacks that hackers can organize to networks, even if entered into the data transmission network, will not be able to achieve its purpose. By giving information about Can@Wall Cyber Security Defense System, Can Gür said: “The Can@Wall Cyber Security Defense System project, developed by Canovate, has worked for over 1 year with 35 engineers from Turkey and abroad, and made an R&D investment of over 1 million dollars. At the moment, we continue negotiations with institutions and organizations with industrial critical infrastructures, especially public and private institutions for the energy sector.”

It Also Manufactures Steel Vests For The US Army
New rings are added every day to the performance Turkey shows in the defense industry. Turkish companies, which have taken critical steps in this field, have achieved two important successes abroad. One of Turkey's well established companies in the industry, Canovate bought the world-renowned British security firm the "Body Armour". The company is active in the field of thermal camera, steel vest and ballistic products, and is one of the most important suppliers who sells steel vests to the US and UK Army.  Canovate Chairman Can Gür said:" We will bring the factory in Manchester, England to Çekmeköy, Turkey. The installations have started at the factory. Products will be sold all over the world. We will also establish a ballistic test center. We aim to manufacture 100 thousand pieces per year such as steel vest, ballistic blanket and ballistic shield. In addition to domestic engineers, we work with engineers from abroad in many R&D projects. We have brought a lot of inventions to our sector. "

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