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Made Domestic Device for GMO Testing

Industry 4.0 applications are also closely related to the world of genetics. If you think that Turkey's hasn't gained any success about this subject, then you are very mistaken. Sentromer DNA Technologies has succeeded in realizing the rare discoveries in the world. The company has produced a testing platform on site for food inspection. Thus, from GMOs to Salmonella risk, from mixed meat to expiration dates, many tests can be done by citizens or by mass consumption and sales places. Restaurants, grocery stores and food inspectors will be able to take immediate measurements thanks to the invention, which is expected to make life easier in many areas. Thus, the day-to-day process will be solved in minutes, the bureaucracy in food security will be reduced significantly.

Solution to the Debate on Meat
Thanks to the developed biosensor device, the discussions about meat products will also end. The kits used to determine the species of animals in the products will appear instantly whether the meat is pig, donkey, horse, goat, sheep or turkey. Dr. Pınar Akalın stated that the project was successfully completed technically and a patent application was filed. Akalin stated that they are in contact with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock regarding the legal permits and that the kits will be released in the near future, and continued: “We are the first company of Turkey that produces a wide range of artificial DNA. We reached our 1 million base target last March. We rely on our DNA products. In our project here, we uploaded the DNAs we synthesized into a cell phone-sized biosensor. Let's say you bought a sausage at the market. Through this device you will be able to find out which bacteria or which animal species there are in it."

Local Transformation at 500 Points
Pinar Akalın, who has been working many years on DNA technology abroad, founded Turkey's first high-scale company in 2009, producing synthetic DNA. Akalın develops synthetic DNA products as well as genetic test kits in the company called Sentromer DNA Technologies which she founded in Istanbul Technical University Technology Development Zone and she is determining the source of illnesses by targeting the genes of the organisms found in food. Akalın has managed to stand out among the foreign giants and her most important customers are universities, research institutions, hospitals and laboratories. Nearly 500 companies importing these products are now using domestic goods.

First Domestic Company That Produces Synthetic Gene
Akalın states that they also provide gene synthesizing service. Stating that DNA particles were used in a variety of molecular biology applications and they produce it by synthesizing chemically in accordance with the researcher's order, Akalın said: “These particles become synthetic gene when they are synthesized even longer or connected to each other. We are the most experienced company engaged in synthesizing in Turkey. "

Has Global Career
Pınar Akalın became one of the popular names in the field thanks to her experience in the private sector and her experience in academianship. Akalın, who has a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biology in the USA, continued her education in biochemistry and molecular biology. Later, she worked in the USA and Singapore at different stages of the genome project. After she returned to Turkey in 2014, she observed the she can convert her fund of knowledge in the private sector to commercial value and that the ecosystem in Turkey is suitable for this. 2009 was the year in which Akalın launched her own projects. Akalın who noticed the foreign dependency about DNA technology in Turkey, founded the company called Sentromer DNA Technology to fill the gap. The company was established on the Maslak campus of Istanbul Technical University and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Industry supported its projects. The company continues its activities in ITU ARI Technocity (R&D Unit) and Istinye Central Laboratories.

Company NameSentromer DNA
Year of Est.2009
SectorAgriculture, Genetics
Yerlilik Oranı %100
Web Sitesihttp://www.sentromer.com
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